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Three candidates, two days, one state

That's right: Republican Mitt Romney and  Democrats Barack Obama and John Edwards will be campaigning in New Hampshire tomorrow, and Edwards will be there on Tuesday, too. The only time Florida -- whose rich donor network makes it one of the top draws in the country -- sees that much candidate activity is at the tail end of a fundraising quarter.

Tomorrow, Secretary of State William Gardner is also making himself available, even though it's Veteran's Day and he has a day off. Having trouble reaching him today because he doesn't regularly carry a cell phone -- or a Blackberry, for that matter -- and the home number he provided doesn't seem to have an answering machine. Doesn't he sounds more like a small-town mail carrier than one of the most powerful figures in presidential politics?

Gardner was surprised that none of the presidential candidates were slated to be in the state on Wednesday. In New Hampshire, a day without candidates is the exception to the rule.

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