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Ringside seats in Poinciana: Gallagher v. Crist

Is Tom Gallagher ready to take the gloves off? Do you have ringside seats at the Polk County Republican candidates forum in Poinciana Tuesday?

In a written statement released late Monday, Gallagher sounded ready to spar with Republican opponent Charlie Crist over Crist's latest statements about gay adoptions. Crist told WINZ-AM radio host Jim Defede Friday that he hasn't "taken a position on gay adoptions'' and said that civil unions are "fine, but I support marriage between a man and a woman."

Gallagher, who has aggressively courted the religious right in his primary campaign, concluded those remarks are proof that Crist is "opening the door to gay adoptions in Florida.'' He then went on to say that he looks forward to discussing gay adoption and other "important issues facing our state''  at the Republican forum.