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Schiavo's father blasts Crist

Terri Schiavo's father, Bob Schindler, claims in the conservative online magazine Human Events today that Attorney General Charlie Crist "let my daughter die'' when he failed to intervene to save Schindler's severely brain-damaged daughter from the court order that allowed her feeding tubes to be removed last year.

Schindler accuses Crist of violating his oath of office and refusing his family "lawful access to the assets of his office'' by failing to investigate claims of abuse of his daughter.

Crist said in a statement Monday he did not join Gov. Jeb Bush and the chorus of conservative Republicans seeking a legislative override of the court because he believes "that end-of-life decisions are ultimately best left to God and family'' and that "where there is a dispute, courts are the appropriate arbiters.''

But he did consult others, including his father, Dr. Charlie Crist, a family practice doctor in St. Petersburg.

Dr. Crist told the Miami Herald's Gary Fineout Monday that he read the publicly-available medical reports and brain scan of Schiavo and talked to his son. "I told him 'Charlie, I think this lady is brain dead. I don't think there's any hope for this lady'...How much that influenced him, I don't know.''

Dr. Crist said he understood the issue was "very emotional'' for Schindler and would not criticize him. But, he added, "Charlie's a good person. His instincts are moral and Christian.''