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Skip got zip, but fix is coming

A paperwork gaffe kept Skip Campbell, the Fort Lauderdale state senator and Democratic candidate for state attorney general, from collecting $380,000 in state matching funds on Friday, but that's expected to be fixed today, his campaign manager says.

Florida's division of elections doled out more than $6.5 million Friday to nine other statewide candidates, including Campbell’s Republican rival, Bill McCollum.

Skip was the only candidate to get zip.

Jeff Garcia, Campbell’s campaign manager, says the campaign didn't properly document its request to the state for the matching funds. He takes the blame, saying he gave underlings poor direction on how to file.

The corrected paperwork will be filed today, Garcia says. Eligible candidates get a dollar-for-dollar match for individual contributions up to $250 made by Florida residents.

On Friday, McCollum snagged $507,000. That's on top of the approximately $1.1 million he’s raised from individuals and corporations.

Garcia says Campbell should see his $380,000 in matching funds delivered next week. He'll need it: Campbell has raised just under $900,000 so far.