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$1m-plus ad buys in Villalobos-Bolaños

The Florida Chamber of Commerce's political organization, Partnership for Florida's Future, has made a number of television ad buys opposing state Sen. Alex Villalobos that began cranking up in full this week and that, by the end of the Sept. 5, could cost at least $1 million.

Underwriting some of the ads: a $700,000 cash infusion Aug. 15 from the Committee for Florida Justice Reform. More here on them.

On top of that, the school-choice voucher proponents, All Children Matter, have a large ad buy as well. That's on top of what the campaign of Villalobos opponent Frank Bolaños campaign and the group Citizens for Conservative Values has spent.

The likely result: a 3-to-1 spending margin in Bolaños vs. Villalobos ads, unless the trial lawyers and teachers' unions crank up their machines for the incumbent.

Partnership for Florida's Future chairman Mark Wilson said it's also supporting Tampa Bay Sen. candidate Kim Berfield.

In the Miami race, he couldn't confirm what the group has spent or plans to spend, but said it would spend what was needed because Villalobos voted, among other things, to reject its proposal to limit constitutional amendments.

"If we have to spend $2 million so voters of Sen. [district] 38 can learn how Alex has become more liberal than some liberal leaders in this state, then we’ll do it,” Wilson said.

Said Villalobos: "These are the people who live in the district? These are the people I fought for to get money for indigent health care from Jackson Memorial Hospital? No, it's the same old special interests. The wealthy and powerful."