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Crist: Bruce who?

Attorney General Charlie Crist said he doesn't remember Bruce Carlton Jordan, a former funeral-lobby director who helped get the future governor frontrunner to attend an Orlando event when Gov. Jeb Bush unexpectedly cancelled.

The Miami Herald reported last week that Jordan, a twice-convicted thief, is now a travel aide for U.S. Senate candidate Katherine Harris. In the article Daniel Perrin, incoming president of the Florida Funeral Directors Association, recalled the time Jordan helped bring Crist to an event. Carlton was fired from the lobby in 2003 when he was caught stealing money from it.

Said Crist, the Republican frontrunner for governor: "I don't know who Bruce Jordan is. It doesn't mean I haven't met him. I don't know who you are speaking about."

After the article ran, former Harris campaign manager Glenn Hodas said he recalled Jordan had been hired as a full-time staffer at a $50,000 annual salary rate. Harris spokeswoman Jennifer Marks said Jordan is a volunteer.

Jordan, serving three years probation, spent 32 days in Leon County jail and was freed Feb. 11, according to the sheriff's office. He showed up at the campaign about a month later, former staffers said. On April 6, he completed 28 days of sheriff's work-camp labor, thereby completing his 60-day jail sentence.