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Finger-lickin' silly

Ted Bundy is gone. Hillary Clinton is old news. The toughest state Senate race now has a chicken mascot with the name "Demolobos," named after Republican Miami Sen. Alex Villalobos.

DemolobosA man in the suit appeared outside Villalobos' Kendall office earlier today after the Villalobos' camp failed to agree with a debate offer by the Frank Bolaños camp. Villalobos cited scheduling conflicts and the fact that the debate wouldn't be in the district. On its website, the Bolaños camp posted the above image late Tuesday.

Bolaños claims Villalobos is a Democrat in disguise for votes he took opposing the governor; Villalobos said he was voting his conscience and points to a strong anti-abortion record. Though the campaign's tough, even Villalobos got a chuckle out of the chicken.

"A bunch of people rushed the chicken because they thought they could get Pollo Tropical coupons," Villalobos said. He added that Bolaños recently condemned negative ads and is wasting his time on stunts instead of walking the district.

Bolaños spokesman Michael Caputo, a veteran political stunt-meister who said he even brought a chicken suit to Russia for a Boris Yeltsin campaign, said the suit was fair game.

"It's just like Villalobos to cry fowl,'' he said. "We don't think it's negative. It's hilarious."