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Gallagher campaign will urge South Florida voters to watch debate

The campaign of Chief Financial Officer Tom Gallagher said Monday night that they will do their best to make sure that South Florida voters get a chance to watch the bruising brawl between Gallagher and rival Attorney General Charlie Crist.

Miami NBC affiliate WTVJ, channel 6, opted against airing the GOP debate live, saying that the debate would air Saturday at 2 p.m. The station aired a news special on the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina instead. Gallagher campaign consultant Mike Murphy said after the debate that the campaign will place automated calls to South Florida Republicans urging them to watch the performance of Gallagher _ which was his best during three different debates and forums.

During the debate Gallagher repeated his message that Crist isn't a true conservative because of his stances on abortion and civil unions for gays and the class size amendment. Crist responded by pointing out Gallagher's recent ethical problems and his support for a penny for prisons tax back in 1994.