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Jeb strikes back

Gov. Jeb Bush opened himself up for questions following last night's Democratic debate, of which he apparently took meticulous notes (Jeb said they were mental "stream of consciousness" notes).

His first response was to Tampa U.S. Rep. Jim Davis who said Bush and the legislature have been "contemptuous" of elections, which need to be "free and fair" again -- a reference to the disputed 2000 elections.

“We’ve had free and fair elections in Florida," Bush said. "We had a tight election with incredible scrutiny in 2000. We standardized our election procedures. We upgraded our elections equipment. We’re a model for the country. And this notion you can keep going back to that well over and over again, it shows you how tired the Democratic candidates are. They have no ideas so they just pull this one out again. It doesn’t work. No one’s buying all that. It’s yesterday’s news.”

Bush also poked fun at Alachua state Sen. Rod Smith who tried to distance himself from Florida's Working Families, a so-called 527 group.

“This 527 or something… or whatever they call it,” said Bush in imitating Smith's statements last night.

“How could he not know about it if they’ve got these very personal pictures of little Rod when he was a kid on the farm and Rod’s family when they were growing up? Can you Google Rod Smith, and get pictures like this that you can then use for a TV ad? There must have been a little bit of coordination, ya think, to be able to put the ad together,” Bush said.