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A taxing morning

Rep. Katherine Harris took her campaign against Sen. Bill Nelson to the sidewalk in front of the IRS in Washington Friday, assailing the Democrat for what she says is an undistinguished career.

"Close your eyes," the Sarasota Republican said, her prepared remarks often difficult to hear over the drone of passing traffic. "What can you envision Bill Nelson has accomplished? Nothing substantial for Floridians.'

Harris said she's launching a "targeted effort" to highlight Nelson's 34 years in public office and what she said was a record of voting for tax increases.

"He's voted repeatedly against reducing taxes on the American middle class,' she said. "Florida needs a gutsy fight, not an empty suit."

Harris, whose campaign has been plagued by staff turnover, her own bewildering misstatements and ties to a now-convicted defense contractor, acknowledged her underdog status.

"I know this is going to be an uphill battle,'' she said. "But I've been here before."