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Brotherly love

With control of Congress up for grabs next week, Gov. Jeb Bush has joined the Republican chorus, charging that Democrats will raise taxes and go soft on terrorists.

Bush, in an e-mail sent out by the Republican National Committee, urges donors to either boost the party's get-out-the-vote effort with a contribution or volunteer to make calls to "voters in key states."

"In this fight we cannot afford to fall short - not by a single vote - or very soon we will see the consequences in a weaker war on terror and a future of guaranteed, automatic tax increases," Bush says in the e-mail, adding that his older brother, President Bush, is "absolutely committed to winning this election.

"With Congress on the line, it's time to stand side-by-side with our president and elect leaders he can work with to defend America,'' said the term-limited governor who enjoys considerably rosier job approval ratings than his older brother. "We won't allow this good man's presidency to be obstructed by a Democrat Congress with an agenda of anger and revenge."

Democrats hope to pick up at least three House seats in Florida in a bid to take control of the House.