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Rubio's House cleaning sweeps in many Jeb staffers

Incoming House Speaker Marco Rubio, and his chief deputies Reps. Ray Sansom and Dean Cannon, have hired 18 top staffers of Gov. Jeb Bush's policy team for key jobs in the House. The line-up insures that the House will be, as many have expected, the keeper of the Bush legacy and allows Rubio to tap into what they are promoting as more than 700 years of combined experience. More here.

The Bush staff making the move to the House include:

To budget: Mike Hansen, current budget director; Donna Arduin, former budget director who will serve on a consulting basis; Michelle Davila and JoAnne Leznoff.

To education: Marlene Ahearn

To health care: Carol Gormley, Charles Liem and Paul Lowell.

To transportation and economic development: Teresa Tinker.

To finance and tax: Don Langston and Sara Voyles.

To house appointments: Celeste Lewis.

To other policy areas: Eva Baxter; Teddi Creamer; Sherri Croom; Barbara Hoagland; Teri Madsen; Christy Smith and Alicia Trexler.