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Bipartisan mood souring a bit

The tug-of-war over insurance during this week's special session has largely pitted the House against the Senate, with Republicans and Democrats in both chambers working hand in hand. But the spirit of bipartisan cooperation may be wearing a bit thin as lawmakers struggle to reach an agreement.

For example, after Sen. Steve Geller, the Hallandale Beach Democrat held a afternoon press conference to complain that the House has refused so far to consider his super hurricane catastrophe fund idea, Rep. David Rivera, a Miami Republican, ripped Geller and said the House wants no part of his plan, saying it will lead to an eventual tax increase.

Moments after Rep. Dan Gelber, the Miami Beach Democrat and House Minority Leader, was finished talking to the press, Rivera asked if any reporters wanted to hear what the "Republican majority that actually runs the House" had to say.

When asked about Rivera's criticisms about his plan, Geller had a blunt response: "I think they are starting to be more partisan.''