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Charlie talks about chipped teeth and unpaid bets

Gov. Charlie Crist told members of the Capital City Tiger Bay Club on Wednesday that Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland still hasn't paid off his bet with Crist over whether the University of Florida or Ohio State University would win the BCS Championship Game. Stricklind pledged Buckeye chocolate candies and Ohio wine and to fly the state of Florida flag over the governor's mansion.

"They of course lost. And I still don't have the buckeyes, I still don't have the Ohio wine I'm not sure I want, and I don't know if he has flown the flag of Florida over the governor's mansion of Ohio yet. But I'm sure that he has. I'm sure he's a man of his word,'' said Crist.

During his hour-long visit with club members at the Silver Slipper Restaurant in north Tallahassee, Crist also talked about the special session on insurance, the need to lower property taxes, as well as a personal story about the need to help the uninsured in Florida.

Crist revealed that three weeks ago he had chipped his tooth and discovered that in moving from the attorney general's office to the governor's office he no dental coverage. Crist then checked how much it would be to pay the out-of-pocket cost to fix his tooth: "It was over $800 to put some putty on top of one tooth. So, I feel your pain. I understand the problem and I think we need to provide more coverage to more Floridians."