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Christine Jennings to attend SOTU

Democrat Christine Jennings, who is challenging her narrow loss to Republican Rep. Vern Buchanan amid 18,000 missing votes in Sarasota County, will attend the State of the Union address Tuesday night.

Jennings will be the guest of Rep. Ellen Tauscher, D-Calif., who said she was inviting Jennings to "highlight the gross injustice of election problems" in the district.

"I have invited Christine to attend the State of the Union because she should have a seat in Congress. Period," Tauscher said in a press release. "The Democratic Party, the people of Florida's 13th congressional district, and everyone who cares about our democracy should not and will not rest until we can ensure that every vote cast in every election in this country is actually counted."

Buchanan was sworn into office earlier this month by the Democratic-controlled Congress, but not without notice that his election was being contested.

Jennings is suing to examine the source code used in the county's voting machines. More than 18,000 voters in the county failed to cast a ballot in the congressional race and Buchanan won by less than 400 votes. Some chalk it up to a particularly nasty race, others to a bad ballot design. But Jennings contends the machines malfunctioned and cost her the election.