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Critic: Crist's PSC picks "totally illegal"

Former Public Service Chairman Joe Garcia says Gov. Charlie Crist's decision to replace two of former Gov. Jeb Bush's PSC nominees violates the law governing the appointment process. Plus, he said, Crist's decision to boot off Miami's Isilio Arriaga is a double whammy: Arriaga is the only Hispanic on the commission and the only one from South Florida.

''It's sad. The guy [Crist] was the attorney general of Florida and he doesn't even know the law,'' Garcia said. ``This is completely illegal.''

Garcia said that to replace Arriaga and former state Rep. Ken Littlefield, the Senate must reject them, which would create vacancies and begin the nomination process anew.

That could leave the five-member commission without two members for 120 days. But Crist says the law is silent on what he has done.

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