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Obama garners Florida support

With Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry forgoing a bid for the Democratic nomination for president, one of his key Florida fundraisers has pledged his support to Sen. Barack Obama.

Kirk Wagar, a Coconut Grove attorney, sent an email over the weekend to his Kerry e-mail list, spelling out why he's backing the Illinois senator.

"Not only is he the first person from my generation to seriously make a run at the White House or the first legitimate candidate of color, but rather he has the right measure of humility, depth and refreshing candor to lead this nation at such a critical time," Wagar wrote. "He is the embodiment of the American dream and having Barack as our face to the world will literally transform our image to the world before a word is spoken.

Wagar said Obama's Florida finance director Teddy Johnston will soon set up statewide and regional finance committees.

Wagar acknowledged "deep affection and affinity" for Sen. Hillary Clinton, but said he doesn't believe the country "is going to go Bush – Clinton – Bush – Clinton as our Presidential sequence.

"Campaigns are about the future, not the past and fairly or unfairly, should she be the nominee we will be reliving both the good AND bad of the Clinton presidency," he wrote.

Wagar in 2004 served as Kerry's deputy finance chairman and later Florida finance chairman for the Democratic National Committee.