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Phil Handy is movin' on up

Phil Handy, whose nomination to the Florida Board of Education was recently withdrawn by Gov. Charlie Crist, has found a higher calling: crafting education policy for Republican presidential frontrunner John McCain.

Handy was among 283 nominations by former Gov. Jeb Bush who were junked by Crist earlier this month. Handy served as chairman or co-chairman of Bush's three campaigns for governor and as chairman of the state board of education. He was recently appointed by President Bush to the National Board of Education Sciences for a three-year term.

"Phil is one of the finest education minds in the country,'' Sen. McCain said in a written statement announcing Handy's appointment as chairman of his education policy committee. "There are few people that understand the impact a quality education can have on a child's life as much as he does.''

Or if you ask the teachers' union, the impact of the much-maligned FCAT.