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Regulator gives parting shot, thanks to Crist

Isilio Arriaga, the utility regulator strong-armed from office by the Senate to benefit Gov. Charlie Crist, just issued his final goodbye that has this nugget:

“While I am disappointed by the Governor’s unprecedented decision and the manner in which it was carried out, I fully respect his desire to accept ultimate responsibility for the difficult decisions the PSC must often make. It is very encouraging that the Governor has taken an earnest interest in the issues before the PSC, and it is my sincere hope that interest will result in a more profound understanding of the complex issues that face our State.”

And this: "As a faithful Republican, I sought to advance the principles of my party of choice, trying to stay consistent to Governor Bush’s philosophy and his vision for Florida, as so many others have pledged to do."

Hmmm. Is Crist not "consistent" with that "philosophy?"

Letter here: Download Arriaga.doc