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Ross and Brown resign posts

Two days after Rep. Don Brown, a DeFuniak Springs Republican, and Rep. Dennis Ross, a Lakeland Republican, cast the lone no votes on the massive insurance bill, the two lawmakers have "offered their resignations" as council chairmen, a statement from the office of House Speaker Marco Rubio says.

"Their resignations have been accepted. I respect their decisions and look forward to working with them in their new roles,'' said Rubio in a statement. The resignations have prompted a flurry of moves by Rubio. Brown is out as chairman of the Jobs and Entrepreneurship Council and will take over as chairman of the Insurance Committee. Rep. Ron Reagan, who had been insurance committee chairman, will take Brown's post as council chairman and will also replace him on the Rules and Calendar Council.

Ross will demoted to vice-chairman on the Safety and Security Council, a job he just got when Rep. Holly Benson left her job in the Legislature to work for the administration of Gov. Charlie Crist.