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Obama Effect hits Florida's legislators, young

Outside a Tallahassee fundraiser for Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama, dozens of college students came to greet their political rockstar.

They chanted his name, carried camera phones, and a few toted copies of his most recent book.

The outdoor rally even had a college-centric conception: It was organized by Facebook, a social networking website originally aimed at college students.

Inside, lobbyists and even Republicans paid hundreds to get up close.

Obama emerged briefly from the fundraiser to greet his younger fans. In a two-minute speech, he said: "This is an example of the energy that young people are bringing to this campaign.''

"Whether it's been slavery, or women not having the right to vote or unions not having the right to organize, the civil rights movement, or movement against Vietnam, at each juncture it's been young people," Obama said before he was ushered back to his VIP guests.

Just about an hour earlier, Obama had told Florida's Democratic caucus, his campaign goal was to spend more time with the people, and less at fundraisers.

When asked why he was spending such a short time at the rally, he said, before walking back inside: "I didn't spend that much time up there either - and this is just the first time that I've been here."

-- Yudy Pineiro and Breanne Gilpatrick