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It’s pronounced DOYTCH!

Think the Senate’s property-tax plan is confusing? It’s a breeze to understand for Sen. Larcenia Bullard when compared to her troubles pronouncing the last name of fellow South Florida Dem. Ted Deutch during the Finance and Tax Committee meeting.

“I did speak with ah, Sen. Dulch… Doolch? I think I’m getting it correct,” she said.

Deutch, the committee’s vice-chair, smiled and said: “Sen. Bullard, as long as you’ve asked: DOYTCH. I appreciate you asking. And we’ll get through that. Thank you very much.

Bullard: “Yeah. I’m going to get it right. That’s the teacher in me, Sen. Deutch.”

But not for long. A few minutes later, she struck again. “Sen. Dulch. Dolch… I’ll get it. I’ll get it,” she said.

Chairman Mike Haridopolos: “You can pronounce my name, which I appreciate.”

Bullard: “Sen Haridopolos, by the time I got through Diaz de la Portilla and then Haridopolos. And then I get to Dulch, you know….”

Haridopolos: “I think this deserves clarification.”

Deutch: “We’ve been through that, Mr. Chairman.”