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Crist veto toll for first session can't match Bush

Gov. Charlie Crist has finally wrapped up action on his first regular legislative session as governor and here's the final numbers.

Out of 337 bills sent to Crist by the Florida Legislature, Crist signed into law 315 bills, vetoed 18 bills and allowed four to become law without his signature. (Three of which, by the way, had to do with gambling.) While Crist this year surpassed former Gov. Jeb Bush in the dollar amount of budget vetoes he issued, Crist didn't come close to whacking as many overall bills as his GOP predecessor.

Following the 2006 session, Bush vetoed only 14 bills. But Bush vetoed 37 bills sent to him during the 2005 regular session, 22 bills sent to him during the 2004 regular session and 22 bills sent to him during the 2003 regular session.