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Gov vetoes 5 more bills relating to nursing homes, court fees, English teachers and Coral Springs

Gov. Charlie Crist continues on his veto streak, rejecting five more bills today, mostly to protect consumers from higher costs. Here are his reasons:

* SB 682 -- because it limits nursing home inspection visits to one per year rather than one per quarter and because "facilities responsible for providing care to our most vulnerable citizens must remain under strict scrutiny."Download sb_682_veto.pdf

* SB 2512 -- because it reduces the professional development from 300 hours to 60 hours for reading teachers who teach students who speak English as a second language. "I am concerned that this reduction may impede these students' academic, social, and cultural progress,'' Crist said.Download sb_2512_veto.pdf

* HB 1395 -- because it alters the election procedures for the Coral Spring Improvement District, raise pay for board members and allows less competition when purchasing contracted services. Download hb_1395_veto.pdf 

* SB 1030 -- because it raises fees too high for non-criminal offenses to pay for police training programs. "While I support providing as many tools as possible for our police officers, I do not support doing it on the backs of Floridians who have committed non-criminal violations,'' Crist said. Download sb_1030_veto.pdf

* HB 7087 -- because it allows banks to raise late fees on credit card accounts from $10 to $25. "The citizens of Florida are already feeling the combined weight of an immense property tax burden, an escalation in insurance premiums and a sharp rise in energy costs,'' Crist wrote. "I do not support an additional burden on our citizens who are struggling financially." Download hb_7087_veto.pdf