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Mel takes friendly fire

Mel Martinez has taken a bashing from from Republicans angry at the Senate immigration plan, but the latest one strikes close to home.

Rep. Ginny Brown-Waite, a Brooksville Republican joined some of her House colleagues this week in assailing the Senate immigration plan - and she singled out Florida's two senators.

"I was disappointed to see that both Florida senators voted to continue efforts to pass the largest amnesty legislation in American history," Brown-Waite said of Martinez and Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson, both of whom voted Monday to kickstart debate on the controversial measure. "I would hope that enough senators are willing to show the backbone necessary to stand up on behalf of their constituents and vote down this bad bill."

Back at home, a Central Florida man has launched a website aimed at gathering signatures to "recall" Martinez for supporting the bill that would toughen the nation's borders and legalize millions of illegal immigrants.

The founder of the site says in a press release that he "readily admits that it is going to be an uphill battle as over 514,000 signatures are required, and no national recall has ever succeeded.