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Rubio clashes with Crist over climate change standards

House Speaker Marco Rubio has broken ranks with fellow Republican Charlie Crist over how to approach global warming. He warns, in an op-ed piece in today's Miami Herald, that the governor's auto emissions standards and climate change goals will hurt Florida's economy. Read story here. Read op-ed here.

Rubio's opinion piece begins:

Whether motivated by global warming or geopolitics, there is widespread support for diversifying our energy portfolio and becoming more efficient in our use of energy. However, efforts to accomplish these goals must be based on common sense.

Recently, Governor Crist issued a number of bold and well intentioned energy edicts. We should applaud Governor Crist's willingness to spend political capital tackling such an important issue. However the government mandates he has proposed will not only fail to achieve their desired result, they carry actual negative consequences.

One impact is an increase in the cost of utilities.