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Cook Political Report: Mahoney, Buchanan, Feeney and Keller: Watch your backs

The Cook Political Report is out with its list of "competitive and potentially competitive" House seats for 2008.

Only one Florida Democrat made the list: Rep. Tim Mahoney, the Palm Beach Gardens Democrat who succeeded disgraced former Rep. Mark Foley. His seat is ranked leaning Democratic, meaning it's considered competitive, but that Democrats have the advantage. Mahoney is considered one of the Republican Party's leading targets, as the district trends GOP.

Three Florida Republicans made the cut, though their seats were labeled likely Republican, meaning the seats "are not considered competitive at this point but have the potential to become engaged." Those watching their backs, Rep. Ric Keller, R-Orlando, freshman Rep. Vern Buchanan, R-Sarasota and Rep. Tom Feeney, R-Oviedo.

Buchanan won his seat by fewer than 400 votes and faces and rematch against Democrat Christine Jennings, who is still contesting her November loss. Feeney has acknowledged that the FBI has contacted him about a golfing trip he took to Scotland in 2003 with disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff. Feeney has repaid the government for the trip and insists he's done nothing wrong.

Keller opposed President Bush's troop surge and faces primary opposition.