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Bogdanoff: Senate to blame for end of PIP

In an e-mail to House members that she just sent out, Rep. Ellyn Bogdanoff blames the Senate for no-fault insurance not being included in the official call for next week's special session. Bogdanoff said even though she and Sen. Bill Posey reached an agreement on keeping alive Personal Injury Protection beyond Oct. 1 that Senate leaders refused to consider the bill. She also said she hopes that Gov. Charlie Crist will add PIP to the call and she said that the House still intends to workshop its bill next week.

Bogdanoff in her e-mail states: "Maintaining a no-fault system is imperative to reduce the number of lawsuits that will occur due to accidents. As many of you know, I do not give up easily and will work with you until the end of the special session to see this issue through. However, strong forces are working against PIP, and as it stands today, PIP will sunset, and due to the Senate's hardline position, there is little hope for re-enactment."