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Gelber wants seat at PIP food fight

House Democratic Leader Dan Gelber weighs in today with another one of his epistles to House Speaker Marco Rubio and Senate President Ken Pruitt, this time demanding the no-fault negotiations be brought into the sunlight. Download gelber_letter_on_auto_insur.pdf The talks prompted Rubio on Tuesday to call it "one of the messiest special interest food fights I've ever seen.''

Gelber said that, as with the regular session, when the issue was never raised nor reviewed openly in committee but negotiated extensively behind closed doors, "sadly, history is repeating itself.''

"Rather than rush to slap together a compromise in private, we ought to give the legislature an opportunity to craft a real solution in public and in plain sight.'' But as Gelber's message went out, the governor's office was hosting a meeting for the third consecutive day on the issue. At the table: lobbyists representing auto insurers, hospitals, lawyers and the governor's point man on the issue, attorney Chris Kise. Kise is then conducting shuttle diplomacy between House and Senate leaders on the issue.

Could the meetings be moved into the open? Yes, says one of the participants, "but no one would say anything."