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Santiago says temple visit was not a date with gov

Jennifer Santiago, the CBS-4 reporter who attended temple services with Gov. Charlie Crist on Friday, says it was not a "date." Santiago called The Herald today to complain about the use of the word in the headline on a Sunday blog item about her accepting the governor's invitation to Yom Kippur services at Temple Shalom, where he was a guest of Rep. Dan Gelber. Santiago says the word "date'' implies intimacy.

"I am not dating the governor," she said. She said she is engaged to someone else. Her meeting with the governor on Friday "was celebrating a personal victory," she said.

Santiago said that she and the governor are friends and he invited her to temple after they had spoken about the decision by the governor and clemency board on Thursday to pardon Richard Paey, an accident victim with chronic pain convicted on drug trafficking charges. Santiago had reported extensively on Paey's conviction and "gave the story to the governor," she said.