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Thompson at Versailles

Republican presidential candidate Fred Thompson is about to have a sip of cafecito at Versailles in Little Havana and is serving up standard fare: talking tough on Cuba.

Thompson said the embargo should stay, and Fidel Castro and his brother should go.

But, in an interview with Radio Mambi, he stopped short of saying Raul Castro should be indicted on war crimes charges for the downing of a Brothers to the Rescue plane. Thompson said he didn't want to pave the way for other nations to indict U.S. officials on similar charges.

Miami state Rep. Carlos Lopez-Cantera said he's backing Thompson, saying he was considering sitting out this election until Thompson stepped in.

Lopez-Cantera's involvement raises the question: will Rep. David Rivera and House Speaker Marco Rubio sign up. Rivera, standing next to Thompson and Lopez-Cantera at Versailles restaurant, wouldn't say.

"I'm with Republicans," Rivera said.