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As the tax cuts turn: Senate has the power

The downside of power in the Capitol: desire. It makes you weaker in inverse proportion to your position, as House Speaker Marco Rubio is finding out over the tax-cut plan that the Senate has a take-it-or-leave it attitude about right now.

So, by default, the Senate is in a stronger position with President Ken Pruitt making good on his mantra that "the only thing I'm running for is home."

And as for handling bad press or organized pressure? The Senate historically can handle it. They stared down the Christian right and refused to intervene in the Terri Schiavo mess in 2005. And this spring, Pruitt sent Alan Crotzer -- wrongfully imprisoned for 24 years for two rapes he didn't commit -- packing home and penniless because a compensation bill for Crotzer didn't follow the "process."

A likely move in the tax-cut game: The Senate gets in Monday takes the House's property-tax bill, strips it of a commercial-property assessment cap and sends it back with moments to go before session expires. Or the Senate can also strip everything away and just increase the homestead exemption and add portability.

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