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Charlie and Nikita linked together?

For the second time during this 10-day special session to balance the budget, Rep. Frank Attkisson has sounded a dire warning to fellow lawmakers: More budget cuts are to come if something isn't done about reduce property insurance rates and reduce property taxes, which he called the "twin towers" that could continue to stifle Florida's economy.

Nikitakhrushchev Attkisson, who voted for the initial House package of insurance reforms last January, now calls the insurance plan adopted by the GOP-controlled Legislature and hailed by Gov. Charlie Crist as "socialistic" and that it is more akin to Nikita Khrushchev. Attkisson went further and told state workers they better be worried about their jobs because more cuts are coming if the economy doesn't turn around.

(UPDATE: Rep. Curtis Richardson, who represents part of Leon County, apparently didn't like Attkisson's remarks. He called them "callous" and "wrongheaded" and said state workers should be applauded for their work.)