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Crist refuses to endorse House prop tax plan

As the stalemate over property taxes stretches into its second week, Gov. Charlie Crist held a brief availability with reporters where he continued to say he likes the Senate's property tax plan _ although he did say that he may be acceptable to "modifications."

"I think the Senate plan is a great plan. Is it the only plan? No,'' said Crist, who added later that a $11 billion tax cut is hard not to "smile about."

Crist said he was "very pleased with the House's efforts today" and that the discussions were in a "good place." But when he asked whether he thought the House plan was "doable" -- a phrase that Crist threw out last week _ he stopped short. "I think the Senate plan is doable...I think some potential modifications might be doable."

Crist, who came back to Tallahassee late Monday after meeting with Republican governors in Georgia, refused to say whether he supported a cap on non-homestead and commercial assessments.  "I'm leaving it to legislators right now,'' he said.

When asked whether the House plan breaks the property tax deal that the House and Senate first announced two weeks ago, Crist replied: "I think what we need to do is be calm and be responsible and make sure we keep an open mind as it relates to what these proposals might be."