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House Democrats: We won't roll on prop taxes

House Democratic Leader Dan Gelber said his caucus won't vote out a constitutional amendment on Wednesday until they see the language and details on the financial impact. In an email to House Speaker Marco Rubio Tuesday, Gelber said he wasn't "sure of the value of having session tomorrow."

Rubio indicated earlier in the day that he is in no rush but wanted to know how long the Dems needed to chew on the plans. Gelber continued in his email response:

"The plan we will be considering lacks any of the economic runs necessary for final consideration. Many of the members seem to be voting one way or the other in Policy and Budget under protest. Further, if approved, it is far apart from the Senate and the Governor. I would not plan on taking this to the floor before Friday. This will give members from both parties some time to digest the information presented and discussed at today's Policy and Budget Council meeting.

"I think we should get back on track and focus on delivering tax relief for those that need it the most.  There is plenty we can put on the January ballot (portability, new/recent homeowner relief, TPP, affordable housing) that will be meaningful and, most importantly, that will garner 60% at the polls. The remaining issues can be saved for regular session. I really believe that the bill we are about to vote on would likely fail if put on the ballot even if it could pass the legislature." 

Rubio responded:

"The Senate believes that they can get 2/3 to vote their bills out tomorrow. I take it from your e-mail that the House Democrats would not be supportive of that.''
Gelber told Rubio he would "get back to you after talking to my caucus.'' The answer: no deal. "We're not going to vote for anything we haven't seen,'' he told the Herald.