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House Dems use threat on prop tax bill today

House Democrats have just decided to reject the 44-page implementing bill, HB 7003D, that accompanies the House's latest proposed constitutional amendment to be voted on the House floor today. Their reason: the bill requires the legislature to limit local government taxing authority unless there is a unanimous vote of the city or county government. Democrats met as a caucus and decided they want the threshold for an override of the legislature to be two-thirds vote and, unless Republicans agree to qn amendment by Rep. Jack Seiler, they will vote as a bloc against the bill.

Republicans need Democratic votes because, according to the staff analysis, the bill imposes a mandate on local governments and therefore requires a two-thirds vote of each chamber -- or 80 votes.

House Democrats have also decided not to agree to allow any bills to come up for final passage, or third reading today. This will force the chamber to be in session again on Tuesday, even though House Speaker Marco Rubio is expected to return home tonight to Miami. Rubio's seven-week-old son was hospitalized over the weekend because of doctor's concerns about his failure to gain sufficient weight.