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Rubio's message on property taxes

House Speaker Marco Rubio outlined his thoughts on property taxes in a letter he sent today to House members. In it, he apologizes for keeping lawmakers in Tallahassee beyond Friday, when the special session is now scheduled to end. But he maintains it is critical for legislators to act.

If government continues to fail in meeting the basic expectations of the people, the people will continue to lose faith in their government. While we have all worked very hard on behalf of the people of Florida this year, it is clear that Florida families want us to do more to address the number one issue facing our economy.

 Second, cutting property taxes and restoring some measure of fairness to our property tax system is not just about making people feel good, it is as critical an economic policy issue our state will ever face. If we do not address the crushing weight of unfair property taxes, our state's economic challenges will worsen, and the unprecedented economic growth we experienced for the past eight years will seem a distant memory. 

I personally understand what an inconvenience this is to our members and their families.  As a part time legislative body, we are once again asking you to recognize the importance and privilege of serving as a member of the Florida House.  This is a critical issue for Florida's future and I know you share my desire to get the job done for the citizens who depend on us."

Read the full letter here: Download propertytaxes1.pdf