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Kendrick Meek's BF

National Journal Magazine profiles Miami Democrat Rep. Kendrick Meek and his sidekick, Rep. Tim Ryan, D-Ohio, who have become "an unusually close and effective political team.

"In the crassly competitive and occassionally backstabbing world of Capitol Hill, their friendship has benefited each of them and their party," the article notes. The pair, members of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's "Thirty Something Working Group," are stars of new YouTube video that aims to introduce House Democrats to a new generation.

"Nancy Pelosi is trying to move Congress from the stone tablets to Blackberrys and iPods," Meek says in the article.

Pelosi, the article notes, has "come to rely on these young lieutenants for various tasks, from message development to outreach to a new generation of voters." It notes the two were tapped as co-hosts of the party's election night victory party last November and were both rewarded with prime committee assignments: Meek is on Ways and Means, Ryan is on Appropriations.

The article says there's a third sidekick, Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Weston, who "strikes some observers as the brainy sister who has moved more quickly onto the formal leadership track, even though she joined the House two years after they did."

The article notes that both Ryan and Meek have been mentioned as potential statewide candidates.

Meek didn't rule out a run, saying, "Florida will be ready for an African-American."

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