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Campaign ads deck the halls in 2007

Coming Christmas 2007: re-runs of the classic It's a Wonderful Life, followed by attack ads on illegal immigration?

Not if Santa can help it. Tis the season to be nice -- even for hyper-competitive presidential candidates.

The earliest primary season in history is here, a product of the stampede of limelight-seeking states --including Florida -- that moved up their elections. Determined to preserve their first-in-the-nation traditions, Iowa leapfrogged to Jan. 3, and New Hampshire took Jan. 8.

So much for decking the halls. Candidates seeking an edge in a wide-open race can't afford a Christmas break. They also can't afford to offend eggnog-intoxicated voters turning on the TV in hopes of catching a glimpse of Miracle on 34th Street.

Regardless of your family's Christmas traditions, it's unlikely that negative campaign ads on TV are one of them,'' said Todd Harris, a spokesman for former Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson.

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