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Gulfstream adds its case to pile-up of gambling lawsuits

Gulfstream Park Racing Association, which owns the horsetrack in Broward County, filed suit against the Department of the Interior and Gov. Charlie Crist in federal district court in Tallahassee on Thursday, mirroring some of the same arguments made by Bill McCollum in a similar lawsuit filed earlier in the day.

Gulfstream is asking the court to stop the feds from allowing the compact to take effect, and to declare it invalid, arguing that Crist doesn't have the authority to bind the state to a gaming compact with the Seminole Tribe of Florida without legislative approval and the court should not let the federal agency enact an "invalidly enacted compact.''

Attorney General Bill McCollum filed his suit in federal district court in Washington, D.C. Thursday as well, asking the court to withhold the Department of Interior's decision on the compact. The agency has until the Dec. 29 to approve, reject or let the compact become law without action.

"We have in this situation a very questionable act on the part of the governor that the state Supreme Court is well within its power to review,'' McCollum said Thursday. "The governor took it upon himself not to seek approval of the Legislature. We have criminal laws in our state -- laws that prohibit some of the gaming activity that this compact would allow'' but the governor did not seek to change those laws.

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