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Crist finds warmer reception on CNN, than on MSNBC

Gov. Charlie Crist was grilled pretty heavily earlier tonight by MSNBC "Hardball" Host Chris Matthews, but he got a much friendlier reception from CNN's political team.

CNN's Soledad O'Brien  quizzed the Republican governor on who he thought would win, whether he would endorse someone and would he make a play for the vice presidential nomination.

But she didn't get much from the popular governor.

"That's kind of a non-answer answer, but I'll take it," O'Brien told Crist at one point.

Crist was willing to take one firm stance: He reminded Floridians on several occasions that he supports the proposed property tax referendum sharing the presidential ballot.

"I'm really focused on lowering property taxes in Florida," said Crist when asked if he was looking for a VP nod. "But I do get asked that a lot. It's very flattering."

But earlier in the night on MSNBC -- host of tonight's Republican presidential debate at Florida Atlantic University -- Crist didn't have it quite as easy. Matthews pressed Crist on his support for a national catastrophe fund, asking "Why should the guy who lives in a tough neighborhood, who can't afford to live in Florida, help you?"

Crist's answer: because  "It's the right thing for our country. I think it's good to help our fellow Americans, whether they live in the north, whether they're in blizzards, or in California where there are earthquakes and mudslides."