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Giuliani, God and country

Rudy Giuliani is a a thrice-married, pro-choice Catholic who flunked the litmus tests in a voter guide distributed by religious conservatives and who typically doesn't wear his religion on his sleeve.

But as his bus tour makes its way through solidy conservative southwest Florida today, the campaign's "Shared Values Coalition" is distributing a flier in which Giuliani touts his belief in God and the endorsement of televangelist Pat Robertson.

Yesterday, Giuliani addressed a Miami-mega church, El Rey Jesus, where some of the 7,000 parishioners fell to their knees in fervent prayer. From the New York Times' pool report:  "I have deep respect for the power of faith. I received a religious of education for most of my life, until the time I attended law school. And as you realize, law school is not a religious education. (No laughter). But up until then I started every day of class making the sign of the cross, praying to Jesus, praying to Mary and asking for help, asking for assistance, and it built into my very being an understanding that we have to pray for help, that we have to pray for guidance, we have to pray to seek God’s will, and
we have to pray to make us better people, to live the life that God wants for us. "