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Louisiana gov picks Jeb's wonk as health secretary

Alan Levine, the health care policy wonk under former Gov. Jeb Bush who rocketed to the top job at the North Broward Hospital District in 2006, has taken the job as secretary of the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals under Gov.-elect Bobby Jindal.

It's an interesting move for Levine, who is now likely to abandon his key committee chairmanship on the Florida Taxation and Budget Reform Commission. He'll take a cut in salary, down from the $550,000 he now makes. He'll be filling the post Jindal once held, and he'll take the helm of a hurricane-tattered health care system in a cash-strapped state with 21 percent of its residents uninsured and a fiscally conservative governor. Sound familiar?

Levine, 40, has always enjoyed a challenge, and the spotlight -- and he's likely to find himself in it often as he helps rebuild the $7.7 billion agency.  Here's the AP story.