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Ralph Reed says it's all in the family

The increasingly caustic fight for the GOP nomination, evidenced by the insults flying between Mitt Romney and John McCain in Florida, is all good, says Ralph Reed.

The conservative political activist, best known as the first executive director of the Christian Coalition, showed up at the Tampa event for Romney. (Although he hasn't endorsed anyone officially.)

"Don’t over-interpret the healthy intra-family, back-and-forth in a party," said Reed. "I’m a big believer that competitive, hard fought primaries, as long as you can get back together again afterward, are healthy. They’re good for the party. What’s wrong with having a nice vigorous, competitive primary? It’s good.”

Asked how the evangelical Christian community would respond to a nomination for McCain, who has been criticized as not conservative enough by some Republicans, Reed said:

"I'm not going to speculate."

He did speculate, however on a hypothetical pairing of the current neck-and-neck rivals.

"Don't rule out a McCain-Romney ticket or a Romney-McCain ticket," he said. "Funny things happen."