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Rubio has raised $400k for two groups

House Speaker Marco Rubio disclosed Monday that he has raised $400,000 so far for two organizations he is involved with: Floridians for Property Tax Reform and 100 Ideas.Org, Inc. Rubio made the disclosures even though he got a legal opinion last fall that he was not required to do so.

Most of the money Rubio raised went to Floridians for Property Tax Reform, which is now engaged in trying to help get the 1.35 percent tax cap amendment on the ballot. Rubio reported raising $350,000 for this organization, including $175,000 from Miami car dealer Norman Braman, $100,000 from the Florida Association of Realtors, $50,000 from private prison vendor The Geo Group and $25,000 from Florida Pioneer Investments.

Rubio has raised $50,000 for 100 Ideas.Org, Inc.: $25,000 from the Florida Medical Association and $25,000 from Agro-Industrial Management.