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Total number of Florida voters drops

Newly compiled voter registration numbers by the Department of State show that the total number of Florida voters eligible to vote in the Jan. 29th presidential primary is less than the number of voters eligible to vote in the 2006 election.

Voters who wanted to vote in the primary had to register by Dec. 31. The new breakdown shows that there are 10.2 million registered voters in the Sunshine State, compared to 10.43 million registered voters in 2006. Of that total, 3.82 million are Republicans, 4.13 million are Democrats and 1.91 million have no party affiliation. A year ago there were 3.93 million Republicans, 4.21 million Democrats and 1.96 million with no party affiliation.

There was however a bit of jump between November and the end of the year. November stats compiled by the department showed Florida had 10.12 million registered voters, so there was an increase of 75,000 voters between November and the end of the year. At least 15,000 voters were added to the rolls following a federal judge's order that imposed an injunction against a state law that requires a match between voter registration applications and state and federal databases.