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Deal to avoid court furloughs announced

House and Senate budget leaders announced Friday they have agreed to use one-time cash to fill the budget hole in the court system and avoid the need for rolling furloughs of judicial assistants and other court state. Judges from across the state warned that because of their salary-heavy budgets, they only way for them to sustain the budget cuts was to lay off staff for up to 8 weeks in the county courts and three weeks in circuit courts.

The budget amendment , agreed to by House and Senate leaders, will "partially restore'' the proposed cuts, said Rep. Dick Kravitz in a statement on Friday. Legislators are poised to slice about $542 million out of this year's budget to balance it before the June 30 fiscal year end and $17 million of it was coming from the courts.

The amendment will "allow the courts to continue to conduct their normal functions,'' said Rep. Dorothy Hukill, a Port Orange Republican. "This measure will stabilize the court system for the present fiscall year and allow the courst the time needed to make the necessary adjustments for the next budget year.''