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Garcia cries foul on the Ultima Palabra

Democratic Congressional candidate Joe Garcia says he got sandbagged by a local TV show that provided Miami Republican incumbent Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart an "unfair opportunity to attack Mr. Garcia's statements out of context."

So Garcia's campaign today filed a formal complaint, demanding equal time. The complaint against GenTV Canal 8 alleges that Garcia was asked to appear on Ultima Palabra, a show hosted by Ninoska Perez-Castellon, whom Garcia says "has a history of making personal attacks" against him. Garcia says he taped an interview under an agreement that both candidates would be taped, though Garcia said he would have preferred to go on the show with Diaz-Balart.

After the interview, though, Garcia says, he was told Diaz-Balart would go live and his interview would be scrapped. Instead, he says "significant portions" of his interview ran, allowing Diaz-Balart "the unfair oppurtunity to attack ...out of context" and robbing Garcia of a "reciprocal opportunity to reply."

"Our campaign will not be intimidated by the scare-tactics of those who seek to divide South Florida," Roland Sanchez-Medina, a spokesman for Garcia said. "For far too long, certain commentators have pushed their divisive partisan agenda under the guise of freedom for Cuba. This is wrong and must stop."

See the complaint at LetterGenTV01.pdf