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Thoughts on a mail-in election

Let's just say there wasn't an immediate buy-in to House Democratic Leader Dan Gelber's proposal  to resolve the Democratic nomination with a mail-in election in Florida, in which both Democrats and independents could participate.

Beth Reinhard's column on the proposal is here. Among the reactions from campaigns and party leaders:

Dan McLaughlin, spokesman for Sen. Bill Nelson, who has endorsed Hillary Clinton: "Sen. Nelson has said no do-overs. No need. No reason. A record number of Florida voters went to the polls Jan. 29 and cast their ballots. (DNC Chairman) Howard Dean created a mess that he's got to fix.''

David Goldenberg, spokesman for U.S. Rep. Alcee Hastings, who with Nelson unsuccessfully sued the national party when it took away Florida's delegates: "The issue is that you've got 1.7 million Democrats who voted in the state of Florida. How do you go to those people and tell them we're doing a do-over and we're going to let people who didn't show up the first time participate?''

Clinton spokesman Mo Elleithee: "We believe that the people of Florida have already voted, and their voices should be heard."

Obama fundraiser Kirk Wagar: "I would love that all the mocking by all the Republicans would go away if we were to incorporate independents into the process. It's not a re-vote or a caucus, it's a completely new idea and what makes it new is the inclusion of the independents.''

Erin Van Sickle, spokeswoman for the Republican Party of Florida: "Dan Gelber may try to do an about-face on this issue, but even he can't deny the facts: The Democrats sponsored the bill to move the primary up. They voted for it unanimously. Now they want to disenfranchise 1.7 million Democrat voters? That's not only a 'hard pill to swallow,' it's a fatal one.''