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Bill Clinton in town to raise $$$

As Democrats in Florida grapple for relevancy in the presidential race, Bill Clinton will be raising $$$ for his wife's campaign Sunday in Pinecrest. (Maybe it will go toward a do-over?)

The former president will attend a Sunday night fundraiser at the home of Hillary Clinton's national finance chairman, Chris Korge.

Attendees are invited to "meet Bill Clinton personally and experience the charisma!"

Others scheduled to attend the event include Sen. Bill Nelson and Miami Mayor Manny Diaz.

Wonder what they'll talk about?? Nelson, like Hillary Clinton, had urged the national Democratic party to accept the results of the unsanctioned Jan. 29 Florida primary. But last week he began backing a vote-by-mail primary, which Clinton has suggested she opposes.

Nelson talked to Clinton and Barack Obama on the Senate floor Thursday and impressed upon them the need to resolve the issue and seat Florida's delegates, a spokesman for Nelson said.

Both agreed there was a need, but neither committed to a specific plan, spokesman Dan McLaughlin said. Nelson has also talked with Democratic National Committee chairman Howard Dean about cutting Florida's delegation in half - as the Republican National Party did to the Florida GOP - and assigning the delegates based on the Jan. 29 primary.

Clinton would get a smaller boost than from sitting all the delegates, as her campaign would like.